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  Access to the Transylvania Open  

Transylvania Open 2010 ( ed.9 ) +
 Sprint, LD, MD and Relay National Championships

   Entries from:           AUT, ESP, HUN, POR, ROM, SVK

Transylvania Open results:

               WRE results             Overall results 
Split Sprint     Split LD     Split MD    Split Relay


National championships results:

 Sprint       LD       MD       Relay       MW12+14

Terrains - Sample Maps for Transylvania Open and National Championships 2010
You can view here some samples of the maps for each of the 4 days.

  Făget Colonie, 1-st Day,

  Micuş, 2-nd Day,
Long Distance ( WRE)

  Casele Miceşti, 3-rd Day,
Middle Distance

  Făget Mocirlos, 4-th Day,

  Øystein Kvaal Østerbø routes:        Sprint          LD         MD         Relay